Getting Hyped Up With The Best Female Golfers In The World


Many people would think that playing golf is just for the men. Recent headlines usually talk about the best male golfers of all time like Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcllroy. However, would you believe that Asians actually dominate the top five best female golf athletes?

Let’s not beat around the bush and get to know more about our top five best female golf athletes in the world as of this October 2018.

Sung Hyun Park

Sung Hyun is a professional golfer from South Korea. As of this October, she is the number 1 female golfer in the world beating Ariya Jutanugarn of Thailand. Sung Hyun had her breakthrough last 2017 when she won the U.S Women’s open which is a major for Ladies Professional Golfer Association. Her success last year was followed by another victory in this year’s Women’s PGA Championship.

Given a nickname of “Tiger,” she was the first professional golfer after Nancy Lopez in 1970s to gain both Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year award simultaneously in one season. Another female golfer like Amin Moh admires her powerful and gorgeous swing in all major leagues of the sport. She is indeed an extraordinary female golfer that exemplifies the character of perseverance in all her games.  It is with great pride for South Korea that the 25-year-old Sung Hyun Park is representing their country.

Ariya Jutanugarn


Before being the second best female golf athlete in the Women’s World Golf Rankings for the year 2018, Ariya Jutanugarn was the first way back in 2017. She is a professional golfer from Thailand who had her breakthrough in both the US and British Opens. She had won 10 victories on her entire professional career.

Many people are wondering how she became one of the best female golfers considering that she is only 22 years old. Well, Ariya started her golf career when she was 11 years old in one of the Ladies Professional Golfer Association tournaments in Thailand. Unlike Sung Hyun Park, she plays golf with lots of dynamic and boldness. Hence, other female golfers should not be easy-going with their performance because Ariya might recapture the top rank again for her upcoming tournaments.

So Yeon Ryu

So Yeon is another female professional golfer from South Korea who made it to the top five in this season’s tournament. She is a two time defending champion for claiming the victory in the US Women’s Open way back in 2011 and ANA Inspiration way back 2017. One of the major opponents in her golf career is In Bee Park, who is also a South Korean national. So Yeon once lost to her fellow countryman, but it did not stop her from being on top.

Being a professional golfer for 11 years, she developed consistency and accuracy on striking the ball. In fact, she is a threat according to Anna Nordqvist to other professional golfers and an honor to the South Korean community.

In Bee Park


In Bee is one of the three South Koreans who entered the top five for the latest Women’s World Golf Ranking. She has won seven main tournaments in her entire professional career. Three out of the 7 was a consecutive victory which placed her on top in the Women’s PGA championship for three years in a row.

For the entire 12 years of her professional golf career, she has been displaying confidence and concentration to play smarter in every tournament she joins in. The absolute self- determination and ability to commit to victory is one of her life mantras, especially in the sports golf.

Minjee Lee

If you think that Minjee is another professional golfer from South Korea, well certainly she is not. Minjee is an Australian national who has gained her professional golf career at the age of 18. She started winning tournaments way back in 2010 under the WA Amateur Open until the present times. She even ranked in the top position several times for the past year. But a lot of good athletes had risen to the top as well, making it a roller coaster journey for her. Still, we cannot deny her dedication and love for golf.

Many talented female golfers are rising above for the love of the sport. We cannot just unsee the dedication of these women in contributing to the development and recognition of golf in the world. And for sure, we cannot wait to see women became the dominant force in golf industry like men.

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