Fitness-Tracking Watches That Your Therapist Will Not Frown Upon


Being a therapist of a golfing enthusiast who has several mental health issues that comorbid with each other can never be easy. For one, the sport takes place in an uncontrolled environment, and he or she may not always be there to check on the patient. The sun, the stubborn golf ball, and even the caddy can affect the individual’s mood as well and make him, or her feel agitated. The more it happens, the more he or she may have to stay in therapy.

Now, considering you want to prove to your therapist that golfing is beneficial for your healing process, you need to show that you genuinely care for your health, physically and mentally speaking. That is something that you will not have to spell out often if you have a watch that can double as a fitness tracker.

Here are a few watches that you might want to get for this purpose.


Garmin Fenix GPS Watch Fitness Tracker

Having a timepiece that can connect to various health tracking websites matters to a lot of individuals. Luckily, Garmin Fenix lets you do that without needing to attach it to a computer. Another thing it can perform is the automatic calibration of the barometer, compass, and altimeter that the numbers that will appear on the screen will always be updated. The watch has an impressive battery life too; with the GPS on continuously, it lasts for 1.5 days.

One reason why this timepiece is a must-have for golfers is the ease of use that it promises. As you perhaps already know, there are a lot of smartwatches that can keep track of your heart rate, steps, and everything else. However, many of the information that they gather have no way out of the device, so you have to try to avoid deleting at all costs. With the Garmin Fenix, nevertheless, you can effortlessly link it to apps that are supposed to track your health. Hence, if you like, you can give your therapist access to it so that they can monitor how you are doing in the field from time to time.


Garmin Epix, TOPO U.S. 100K

The people who prefer to see the bigger picture in a good watch may go for Garmin Epix. Its ultimate feature is the topographical view of the United States at a 1:100,000 scale, which permits you to look at the surrounding locations at a wider angle. The 1.4-inch Chroma display within the timepiece has become touch-capacitive, so it’s effortless to swipe the screen to change or expand the maps, pre-loaded or not. The 8-GB memory installed in this top-rated watch comes handy if you wish to save info from BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and upload details from LiveTrack, Garmin Connect, etc.

Although Garmin Epix is mostly advertised as a hiking watch, we believe that it is an advantageous timepiece to have to avid golfers as well. It is especially ideal for folks who have the liberty to play in different golfing spots all over the U.S. Thanks to the advanced satellite imagery feature of the watch; you will be able to study the location before even getting there.


Garmin Forerunner 230

In case you need a sports watch at the best price and has a wider screen than Forerunner 220, Garmin’s Forerunner 230 is a suitable choice under $200. Over 500 customer reviews have been dedicated to it, and most speak of this affordable timepiece’s good quality. You can pair it with your smartphone to receive calendar, call, and text alerts, connect to GPS, and even monitor your calories, steps, and distance. It fits the lifestyle of millennial women and men who like to stay physically active regardless of busy schedules.

An unspoken benefit of getting the Forerunner 230 is that you won’t need to fish out your smartphone when someone calls or texts you. In case you are in a huge and unfamiliar field, you can use the watch’s navigation system to know where to go next. Furthermore, it can give you an idea of how much calories you have burned by walking from one area to another.

Final Thoughts

Convincing anyone that you are better off playing golf than allowing a mental health professional to you into taking sleeping pills or antidepressants is no easy feat. In truth, there is probably no study that can claim that it is the best decision you can make for your mental well-being. Despite that, a reliable therapist will also respect your words if you say that you cannot let go of golfing ever. The best thing that you can do is get one of the smartwatches mentioned above so that you can monitor your health better.

Good luck!

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