Month: October 2019

6 Ways To Reduce Stress While Golfing6 Ways To Reduce Stress While Golfing

Have you experienced golfing? Most of the people think that golfing is a perfect stress reliever because of the beautiful scenery like having wide open spaces and it is very peaceful and quiet. Unfortunately, for some professional and passionate players, they could see it as something that would give them stress especially if they are […]

Play Golf, For A Healthier YouPlay Golf, For A Healthier You

Golf is a very popular sport. It is played around the world. You do not need to be a top athlete to play it. Individuals of different ages and varying abilities can play it. Golf can be played individually, or it can be played in teams. It can be a competitive sport, or it can […]

What You Should Know Before You Play GolfWhat You Should Know Before You Play Golf

Everybody will tell you that playing golf is fun. But they will not tell you about some things about golf. Here are some items that you should know before you play golf. Fairways Are Not Created Equal. Fairway is that part of the golf course that is located between the golf putting green and the […]