What You Should Know Before You Play Golf

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Everybody will tell you that playing golf is fun. But they will not tell you about some things about golf. Here are some items that you should know before you play golf.

Fairways Are Not Created Equal.

Fairway is that part of the golf course that is located between the golf putting green and the tee box. The grass on the fairway is cut short enough so that shots off it is easier to hit. However, the grass on the fairway is not cut as short as the grass on the golf putting green.

The rules of golf do not require all fairways to be smooth, and they are not all the same. There are fairways that are undulating causing what you believe to a straight and perfect drive to ricochet into an area where making a recovery shot is tough.

Do Not Expect Golfers To Yell “Fore.”

Everybody, even people who do not play golf, knows that you are expected to shout the word “fore” to warn other golf players that a wayward golf ball is heading their way and is likely to hit them. It is supposed to be part of the proper etiquette of golf. Unfortunately, since the drive is wayward and embarrassingly unexpected, the golf player making the awkward shot is often caught by surprise. In their panic, they might fumble something incomprehensible, but they seldom have the presence of mind to shout the word “fore.”

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Low Irons Are Difficult To Hit.

Irons are types of golf clubs used to strike the golf ball towards the hole. They can be numbered from zero to twelve. The iron numbered one is called the driving iron, while irons numbered from two to four are called long irons. The driving iron and the long irons are tough to hit because they have tiny striking faces.

The driving iron is notoriously difficult to hit because it has the least surface area on its face. It is often said that if you are in a course and there is a thunderstorm coming, hold up a driving iron to evade lightning – even God can’t hit it.

Golf Courses And Driving Ranges Are Not The Same.

Driving ranges are areas where golf players can practice their golf swing. It is also a great place to relieve stress, and many amateur golf players use driving ranges as a recreational activity in itself. Of course, the primary purpose of driving ranges is to practice your golf swing in preparation for playing in an actual golf course. But in reality, do not expect your time in the driving range to matter much when you play on the golf course.

Do Not Dress Flamboyantly. 

You may be tempted to emulate the famous golf player William Payne Stewart and dress flamboyantly in patterned pants and ivy caps. If you have not won three major championships, then resist the temptation.

Do Not Aim For Style When Making Shots.

Stylish shots may make you look nice, but they do not always succeed in giving you high scores. Aim for flat and low shots. They may not look nice, but it is your score that matters most.

Golf Is Not Easy.

You might think golf is easy when you look at other golf players play golf. But in reality, it is not an easy game to play. It takes hours of practice or even years of playing it to master.

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It Is Exercise.

You will be walking at least eight kilometers while carrying on your back a heavy bag of fourteen metal clubs. Unless you hire a caddy to carry your golf bag for you or ride around the golf course in a golf cart, playing golf can be good exercise. But do not expect your non-golf-playing friends to believe you.

Your Games Can Get Worse.

If you are having a particularly bad day on the golf course, you might think your performance cannot go any lower. Unfortunately, that is not true. It can get worse.

You Can Still Have Fun Even If You’re Not Good At Golf.

Unlike most sports activities, golf is one game that you can have fun while playing it even though you are going to get the worst golf score in the history of the sport.

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