6 Ways To Reduce Stress While Golfing

Have you experienced golfing? Most of the people think that golfing is a perfect stress reliever because of the beautiful scenery like having wide open spaces and it is very peaceful and quiet. Unfortunately, for some professional and passionate players, they could see it as something that would give them stress especially if they are in-game, and they cannot hit the goal or sometimes if they are with their friends and his friends are making fun of him because he is a player, yet he can’t still hit the goal. Yes, it could give you a lot of stress if ever that happens.

“Everyone handles positive and negative stress differently. And yes, for some, positive stress can lead to a negative response to stress, depending on the situation.” –Jessica Harris, LCPC, LPC

There are six tips in reducing stress while golfing.

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First, do some warm-up exercises. Warm-up exercise is very important when it comes to doing physical activities. Before being serious in playing, you should relieve all the bad swings in your system before stepping up the game. You need that for you to reduce some negativities before you play.

Second, putt. For your confidence to boost, you need this. Just try sinking 5-foot putts, and you are good. Just do it over and over again until you can already feel that you are good enough to play.

Third, have a positive mind. You need to be a positive thinker for you to feel better. Yes, it might be cliché, but it helps. A positive mind would bring you a positive outcome. Have you tried to bring positive? It brings out all the best in you, right?

Fourth, avoid yourself to be surrounded by negativities–the exact opposite of the third tip. If you are negative, this is where stress starts to take place. Negativities are like demons; they bring out the bad vibes in yourself. You easily doubt yourself, etc.

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Fifth, take a deep breath. We all know that stress is not just a mental aspect, but it is also a physical aspect. You need to breathe like inhale and exhale, even just for several seconds. Repeat several times until you can feel that you are in a better condition for you to focus and succeed.

Lastly, stay social. Golf is not just a game. There are also other people involved in this, which is why being sociable is very important. If you are not that friendly, then you could lead to some fights, and that would inevitably cause you some stress.

“Research tells us that this is a common experience for those under stress. That everyone experiences stress and up to a certain level it can be helpful. Yet, stress can negatively impact one’s normal daily functioning or health.”  Edna M. Esnil, PsyD said. Yes, stress is normal, but too much stress can lead to some serious problems; this is why it is essential to know the different tips in reducing it specifically in playing golf.

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For us to stay safe in doing some physical activities like golf, we need to follow these tips besides it is only for your good. Stress is not that easy to handle, but once you know how to handle it, then you would get used to it, and that’s it. These tips would help a lot. “Some stress is unavoidable but if you can keep perspective then it can be a whole lot easier.” Gretchen Flores, MA LPC LCPC said. There is no harm in following these since it is just straightforward, not only you will have a pleasant and fun game, but you are also going to be benefitted by winning.

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