Why Americans Love Football

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The 2019 Conference of Champions was one of the most talked-about events of the year. It was something that people looked forward to because most of the football teams would be there to grace the event. A press conference was held, and the place was jam-packed with reporters who were eager to know about the teams and their players. Team coaches were also there to answer questions and support their team players. Apart from golf being America’s favorite game, football is also something that Americans can’t get enough of, which is why a lot of them are excited and anticipate the marathon football championships. Why do they love football so much?

The rivalries are intense. Undeniably, competition in football is intense because of the mechanics of the game itself – hitting the other team as hard as you can is challenging and exciting to watch. The rivalry brings out the best in the teams that are playing against each other. The atmosphere is always like the playoffs, like a dogfight happens every time there’ a game.

The defense play is always exciting. There is probably no other sport like football where defense is the name of the game. In basketball, blocks are the defensive play, and baseball has diving catches, but the overall defense action in football is just exhilarating. Football fans just go gaga over a dramatic touchdown or a long pass. For the team players, too, this sends their adrenaline soaring. This is what makes football exciting – the emotions that show during the highs of the game.

Football Players

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There are only 16 games in a year. Basketball games can be watched 82 times a year, while baseball has 162. Football, however, only has 16, which means that one single game is as important as the rest of the games. The weekly anticipation in football stadiums actors America cannot be matched by any other sport. If you missed watching one game even on television, it would feel like a big loss. It grabs every attention of a football fan.


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