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6 Reasons Why Golf Is Good For You

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Golf is known to be a gentleman’s game. It is an outdoor activity which aims to pass the ball into a network of courses and shoot it in holes – with as few swings as possible.


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Golden Profile: The Best Golfers Of All Time

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Any list which ranks the “greatest of all time” will always spark a debate. After all, being “great” is indeed a subjective matter. When it comes to the sport of golf, there are various factors to consider to be included in the prestige list. These factors include winning streaks, longevity, sportsmanship, and most importantly, major […]

Golf: More Than Just A Sport

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Many people have a common misconception about the sports of golf. Some may think that only the elite people can play it. Some take it as the acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. Others also consider golf as not as challenging compared to running and boxing. However, little did you know, golf is more than […]

Getting Hyped Up With The Best Female Golfers In The World

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Many people would think that playing golf is just for the men. Recent headlines usually talk about the best male golfers of all time like Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcllroy. However, would you believe that Asians actually dominate the top five best female golf athletes?

The Common Thing About All The Greatest Golf Athletes Of All Time

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Golf is a favorite sport played by people from all over the world, across various age groups. People have always looked forward to numerous golf tournaments to check on the leading golfer. Indeed, there are a lot of things you can learn from the greatest golfers of all time, and there might be something very […]