What You Need To Know About A Golf Camp Counselor

Are you looking for a fun summer job to occupy your time and help you earn? Do you have a passion for playing golf? Do you enjoy being around adorable athletic kids? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then being a golf camp counselor might be perfect for you!

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It is summertime once again. There is no need to waste your summer sitting around and getting bored at home when you can experience camp even as a teenager or adult. The best part is, you get to be paid for it! Also, money is not the only thing you will gain from being a golf camp counselor. You will learn more about golf, work, and yourself while meeting new people.

What Does A Golf Camp Counselor Do?

Simply put, a golf camp counselor’s job description is to teach young, aspiring golf players in a golf camp. They are in charge of providing instructions and demonstrations to teach sports dynamics to the golf campers. They may also need to plan and facilitate activities that are interesting for the kids. In a summer camp, learning needs to be enjoyable.

Aside from teaching, a golf camp counselor might also oversee the supervision of the campers, both during and after-golf activities. They may need to watch over the campers during snack times, free time, and other camp activities. As a golf camp counselor, you will be in charge of the kids’ safety!

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State Regulations For Summer Camp Counselors

Teenagers as young as 16 years old can be a summer camp counselor, provided they have their parent’s consent. No matter how old you are, as long as you have a passion for golf and teaching others, you can be a golf camp counselor.

Some states and private schools or organizations may require special training before hiring you, especially special or advanced golf camps. It may include Child Protection Training courses by the local health services department. There may also be the need for special training dedicated to athletics employees, such as NCAA Training on Sexual-Related Policies and Procedures.

Make sure you are aware of your summer camp’s safety guidelines, programs, and policies. These are usually standard procedures any institution follows. You will be in charge of children and minors, so you must uphold and maintain safety in the camp. These kids will look up to you as their model, inside and outside of camp.

The Skills Of A Golf Camp Counselor

Some summer camps do not require golfing experience, but it is surely a plus when applying for the job. More than your knowledge of golf, the most important skill is your ability to teach and command attention. When you are articulate enough to impart information, golf campers will learn a lot more from you.

Active listening and communication skills are also key skills of a reliable and fun golf camp counselor. If you can interact well with your students, they will feel more at ease. A good relationship with the campers will help them have a good time. You will also enjoy yourself if you can have a good laugh with your students.

Being a golf camp counselor can be physically demanding. You will need to endure long periods of being outdoors, standing, running, bending, and crouching. You might also occasionally need to lift heavy loads, such as bags of golf clubs. You will also be exposing yourself to the heat and sun. It would help if you were comfortable with working in a non-temperature controlled environment. Functional speech, hearing, and vision may be a requirement.

Your attitude in handling work is also crucial! Summer camp is not all fun and games. Some moments will be stressful, and you must maintain composure even with pressure. Remember, kids can be unpredictable at times. Controlling your temper with tantrums or unruly behavior will need a lot of patience and empathy, especially when teaching kids about coping with setbacks and disappointments in sports. Getting kids to listen to you is an impressive skill and will be a plus when applying.

Just like with any other job, you should know how to plan well and be organized. You may need to do multiple things at the same time, like taking note of pars while teaching a kid how to swing. You must be attentive and able to manage your time well. It would help if you were flexible enough to promote learning, fun, participation, and sportsmanship, all at the same time.

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The Salary And Working Hours

Usually, summer camp counselors make around $8- $10 per hour. The salary will depend on the location of the camp and the time you need to work. You can choose from various camps with different working hours. You may also get free food, drinks, and accommodation at the camp.

You may opt to work either for a half-day, usually in the mornings, or for a full day. Golf camps in farther locations may offer overnight, week-long, or month-long stays. Expect to work on weekends as most parents have time to take their kids to summer camp on a Saturday or Sunday. You might also need to work on holidays.

More working hours means more income. However, the downside is missing out on spending summer vacations with your family and friends. Still, being a golf camp counselor can be a rewarding and fruitful experience. You will surely learn a lot about yourself and from others. This new knowledge will not only be helpful in your career but also in your personality development. In a golf summer camp, you can make memories to last a lifetime.

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